Protect our waters – it’s what’s underneath that counts!

South Bay Cove Yacht Haven has taken a keen and responsible approach to environmental issues and we are continually striving to improve on this.

In 1998 South Bay Cove took on the full adoption of the “Clean Marine Practices” program, an in-depth and exciting method of incorporating sound environmental practices into a marina environment.

In past years, working with the Clean Marine Program and our boaters has helped South Bay Cove to achieve a Five Green Leaf standing for environmental performance as well as the Environmental Education Program Award and the Green Marina Environmental Initiative Award for 2000. In 2001 Terrachoice Environmental Services Inc. conducted an Environmental Evaluation Rating Report for South Bay Cove Yacht Haven and we achieved a score of 90%, one of the highest ratings in our area. We strive to continue our achieved success in helping the environment and believe it is important to educate fellow boaters about their responsibilities for our waters.

You Can Help Too!

Here are a few things that you can do to help keep our water clean!

  • Use oil absorbing bilge sheets to soak up excess oil from your bilge. This will prevent it from being discharged into the lake.
  • Use phosphate free biodegradable soaps, Ecologo products and natural substitutes.
  • Do not completely fill your fuel tank if you are returning to your slip. The cold fuel from the ground will expand and vent overboard.
  • Do not transfer fuel, oil or solvents on the docks where they could spill into the water.
  • Conserve power. Please do not leave air conditioners on when you are away from your boat for extended periods.

The future of our environment and our water is in our hands and it is the responsibility of everyone to make an effort to keep them clean.